Risky driver behavior is driving insurance rates up. Save money on fleet insurance with fleet management solutions.

According to a report by Insurify, America’s leading car insurance comparison platform, car insurance rates rose 12% in 2021 and are expected to rise another 5% in 2022. Keeping your fleet safe and saving money in fleet insurance is now more important than ever. Reckless driving behavior is directly linked to rising insurance rates. According to Insurify’s report “on average, aggressive drivers pay 25% more for car insurance compared to a policyholder with a clean record”.  Incidents such as vehicle theft, speeding tickets, and vehicle collisions are all examples of cases that can contribute to a hike in premiums.

 Below are some examples of how fleet management solutions, such as autocavo’s flagship product autocavoFleet, can help foster a safer driving environment and in turn help lower your insurance costs.

Monitor driver behavior & vehicle tracking

autocavoFleet allows you to track your fleet in real-time, knowing where your vehicle is at all times can help keep your fleet more efficient as well as increase safety. Set up geofences and alerts to know when a vehicle has entered or left a set location. This can help limit improper usage of vehicles as well as increase the chances of vehicle recovery in the event of theft.

In addition to tracking your vehicle’s location, autocavoFleet can help you monitor risky/ unwanted driver behavior such as speeding, harsh driving, and vehicle idling. Easily set up custom notifications and choose who within your organization should be notified.

Train & coach your drivers

Regular training is critical for encouraging a safe driving environment. In addition to alerts on risky driving behaviors, autocavoFleet also offers driver performance reports. Metrics on driver behavior and performance can be used to develop a driver safety program. Reward drivers that adhere to safety policies and identify drivers that may need a little extra coaching. 

Implement a maintenance plan

Consider safety from all angles, apart from monitoring and encouraging safe driving behaviors it is important to make sure that all vehicles are kept in good working order. Accidents can be caused by a flat tire or brake failure which your insurance company will not be happy about. autocavoFleet makes employing a preventative maintenance plan easy. Set service reminders based on vehicle information and usage and receive error codes from diagnostic information to know what needs to be repaired. Know what problems are before they become a costly issue, eliminate vehicle downtime and lower your overall maintenance costs.

 Lower fleet insurance

autocavo’s fleet management and tracking solution, autocavoFleet, is ideal for all-sized fleets with light-duty vehicles. For only $11.95 per month, access features such as real-time GPS tracking, maintenance management, geofencing, fuel management, driver behavior monitoring, and more.  Help streamline your fleet operations and improve driver safety. With car insurance rates on the rise, take advantage of the tools autocavoFleet has to offer. 


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