How to use Geofence alerts for fleet efficiency

What is a Geofence?

A geofence utilizes GPS technology allowing you to define a geographic boundary and receive alerts when a vehicle has entered or left a set location. Geofencing can help you keep track of important events. Notifications can be set up for geofences and configured to meet your needs ensuring that the right people are receiving the alerts. By customizing your geofences and alerts you can help improve the overall efficiency of your fleet.

How to use Geofences to improve fleet operations
  • Track unauthorized vehicle use

Monitor how your drivers are using vehicles by setting geofences for specific areas and hours of the day. Know if your vehicles are being used outside of the designated work schedule or not staying within allowed perimeters.

  • Improve efficiency

Minimize vehicle idle time by setting up geofence notifications to alert the team on the proximity of the vehicle. Whether it is loading a delivery van or loading building materials your team will be ready to take action minimizing time wasted.

  • Reduce Theft

Know where your vehicles are at all times. Set a perimeter around the area your vehicles are parked and create a notification to trigger when vehicles move out of the area after hours.

  • Time management & payroll

If you have drivers or technicians paid on an hourly basis, geofencing can help you keep track of their hours.

  • Improve productivity & customer service

With geofences enabled on a job site, you can see how long technicians spend on site and if they arrived on time. Use the insights gathered to improve your fleet and technician utilization. Easily provide customers with proof of service or even notify them when your technician is close.

How to set up Geofences & Alerts 

Setting up geofences in autocavoFleet is simple. Log in to your autocavoFleet account and follow these steps

  1. Navigate to Geofences in the menuAutocavofleet geofence_1
  2. Click on create geofence  and select your preferred geofence type (circle/polygon)
  3. Search for the address or zoom in on the mapAutocavofleet geofence_2
  4. Click on the map to select the perimeter of your geofence
  5. Enter the desired name and select a category to help you define the geofence area and click create Geofence.Autocavofleet geofence_3
  6. Navigate to notifications in the menu
  7. Select Create Notification RuleAutocavofleet notification_1
  8. Select Geofence as your Trigger Channel and Choose a condition (Enter Geofence or Exit Geofence)
  9. Add any desired trigger constraints e.g. vehicles, date & timeAutocavofleet notification_2
  10. Choose the desired method for notifications to be sent, enter the notification name, and click confirm notification methodAutocavofleet notification_3

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