How-to use fleet tracking and management to streamline operations – J.Rick Lawn & Tree

autocavo’s flagship fleet management solution autocavoFleet enables fleet tracking in real-time, improves fleet operations, and encourages safer driving.

“Knowing where our technicians are has helped us minimize overtime and increased our awareness of “non-revenue” time such as fuel stops & lunch breaks. Having these important business insights are a great help to streamline operations and reduce costs”

Dana, Office Manager, J.Rick Lawn & Tree

About the Company

J. Rick Lawn & Tree’s number one goal is to provide customers with the most complete, detailed, thorough lawn and tree healthcare services and distinguish themselves as a cut above in both quality and value. Their mission is to consistently deliver visible results that reveal quality and value and to be able to anticipate and respond to customer needs, responsibly and knowledgeably.

Business challenges
  • Reducing excessive overtime
  • Understanding “non-revenue” time
  • Monitoring proof of service
  • Improving the use of resources
autocavoFleet Solutions
Real-time fleet tracking

autocavoFleet’s real-time tracking enabled J.Rick Lawn & Tree to know where their fleet is at all times and efficiently track time and location of service stops. When necessary they are able to provide a more accurate ETA.

Savings from minimizing overtime

With autocavoFleet fleet management software, J.Rick Lawn & Tree can see the routes technicians are taking and ensure unauthorized stops are not being made. This has helped increase driver accountability and minimize overtime. autocavoFleet also helped aid in awareness of “non-revenue” time, such as fuel stops & lunch breaks of their technicians.

Increased productivity from monitoring location

Knowing their technicians’ location at all times has helped easily determine how they can be efficiently utilized to assist other technicians and meet with customers. 

Assists with confirmation of service

Having records of all trips taken has helped assist with confirmation of service to customers including the duration of service provided.

Overall autocavoFleet has helped J.Rick Lawn & Tree with useful business insights which have helped manage overtime and reduce costs while helping increase their team’s productivity and accountability.

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