How Climate Solar Solutions minimized fuel consumption and carbon footprint

“autocavo’s platform has saved us time and money. We know where our drivers are when they arrive or leave and how they are driving. We are an environmentally friendly renewable energy company, so having access to information that can help us reduce fuel consumption and our carbon footprint is very important to us.

We jumped at the chance to use autocavoFleet because, unlike other fleet solutions, the pricing is geared towards small businesses without compromising the features available.”

Patrick, owner at Climate Solar Solutions


About the company

Climate Solar Solutions is a solar energy installation and consulting firm that helps home and business owners utilize clean, renewable energy. Climate Solar Solutions Company is a C-46 licensed residential and commercial solar installer that is determined to make a positive change in the world.

Business challenge

Minimize fuel consumption and decrease carbon footprint.

How this was achieved with autocavoFleet:

  • Promoted eco-driving behaviors
    Reports and alerts for harsh driving and speeding events helped identify which drivers needed coaching to encourage safer and “greener” driving behaviors.
  • Reduced vehicle Idle time
    According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), unnecessary idling wastes as much as a half-gallon (or more depending on vehicle class) of fuel per hour. autocavoFleet idle reports and alerts helped climate solar reduce the overall idle time of their vehicles which contributed to minimizing their fuel consumption.
  • Increased driver accountability
    Knowing vehicle routes and locations helped decrease improper use of vehicles. Driver behavior reports helped encourage safer and more efficient driving. The driver leaderboard report scorecard inspired the development of an internal driver safety program.
  • Ensured timely maintenance and repairs
    One of the keys to improving fuel efficiency (and reducing harmful emissions) is ensuring all preventive maintenance, on all vehicles, is completed on time. autocavoFleet made this easy to achieve through its vehicle maintenance and vehicle diagnostic features. Service reminders were set to ensure routine maintenance tasks were followed. Alerts received for active DTC codes played a big role in keeping the vehicles in good condition.


All of the above combined with access to reports on fuel consumption, fuel economy, and fuel cost made it easy to monitor the improvements and savings achieved overall.