Unlock what your vehicle knows.

autocavo: the tiny but powerful GPS tracking
and telematics device.

Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform

More Than Just Fleet Tracking

The autocavo F2 device powers the autocavoFleet platform. The tracker plugs into the OBD port and collects vehicle, sensor, and driver data. Self-installed in less than one minute, simply plug-in and drive. There are no wires to connect, no antennas to worry about – everything is self-contained and ready-to-go.

Unlike many other GPS trackers, autocavo talks to your vehicle’s engine computer, so it knows a lot more than just the GPS location.

autocavo F2-GPS Tracker

4G OBD II Device

$99 Device | $11.95 Monthly Subscription

$99 Device | $119.50 Yearly Subscription

$11.95 Monthly Subscription

Autocavo f2 gps tracker

No Contract required, no activation fee, cancel at anytime

Fleet gps tracking & devices

We use the most reliable OBD devices available and are compatible with 98% of the cars operating on the roads in America. 

Key features:
With autocavoFleet GPS devices & fleet management software you can:

View vehicle locations with real time GPS tracking

Set Geofences to monitor when a driver vehicle enters or exits a location

Monitor driver behavior

Monitor vehicle health and be alerted about required routine maintenance

Manage fuel consumption & costs

Access fleet management dashboards, reports & alerts


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Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform