Powerfully Easy Reporting and Analytics

Fleet gps tracking reports

Complete visibility into fleet activity, efficiency and performance, all in one place.  

Trip Reports

View trips, breadcrumbs, distance traveled, trip duration, fuel economy, fuel cost, driver score, speeding events and much more.

Fleet gps tracking & trip summary
Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform

Maintenance Reports

Everything you need to know about service and maintenance, in one place. Quickly see which vehicles are due for services, which have active check engine light events and much more.  Easily export to Excel for further analysis or for sharing.

Fuel Reports

Tells you how much you are spending on fuel, including details like miles per gallon (MPG) for each vehicle.  

Fleet gps tracking & fuel report
Fleet gps tracking & idling report

Stop Reports

Need to know where your vehicles are stopping and for how long? autocavoFleet can tell you. 

Idling Reports

Cutting back on excessive idling is one of the easiest ways to reduce fuel expenses, and autocavoFleet makes it easy to identify the vehicles that are responsible for excessive idling. 

Fleet gps tracking & idling report
Fleet gps tracking notifications

Notification Reports

All of your notifications, summarized in one succinct report.

Health Report

Keeping vehicles in peak operating condition is critical to any business. autocavoFleet keeps tabs on vehicle health, and makes viewing and understanding that data simple and effective.

Device Disconnect

Indicates devices not reporting to the autocavoFleet system. This report will help you know if someone tampers with or removes your autocavoFleet device.

Trips Summary

Condensed fleet trip information, including number of trips, trip distance, trip duration and more.

Geofence Summary

A Geofence activity overview including number of visits, arrival/departure times and overall visit duration.

Driver Activity

Displays the driver score leaderboard and driving events by driver..


Lists speeding events by driver and when vehicle speed exceeds posted limits.


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Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform