Maintenance, Diagnostics & Vehicle Health

Giving you control over your maintenance costs.
The best way to control costs, unplanned maintenance, and vehicle life.

Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform

Identify problems early

Know what problems are before they become a costly issue. Empower fleet managers to take action on issues as soon as they arise.

Eliminate vehicle downtime

Forecast and schedule regular service tasks and inspections. Reminders and alerts help you stay on top of planned maintenance and routine inspections.

Lower maintenance costs

Track work completed and report on maintenance costs and trends, helping you improve your bottom line.

What is Fleet Maintenance?

Fleet maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicles’ operating so that they are safe, reliable, and can stay on the road longer. Developing a preventative maintenance program is an integral part of managing a fleet and helps businesses reduce operating costs and improve vehicle inspection outcomes, among other benefits.

"Predictive techniques can cut maintenance costs by 5 to 10 percent."

Preventative Maintenance

Autocavo provides actionable information to keep your fleet operating and takes the VIN information–along with other data– from each vehicle to provide the most accurate actions needed to keep your vehicles at top condition. 

Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform
Fleet forecast with fleet management platform

Maintenance Error Codes

Get error codes from diagnostic information to know what needs to be repaired, severity of the issue and more.

Easy To Understand

Information is easily categorized by text and color to understand what is due, what is past due and when new issues arrive.

Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform


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Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform