Fuel Management

Manage fuel use, increase fuel efficiency, save on costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Fleet gps tracking & fleet fuel management platform


Fuel is a big expense, and many times, it’s an expense that costs more than it has to.   autocavoFleet monitors fuel consumption, cost and economy for your entire fleet, or for a single vehicle. By monitoring excessive vehicle idling, autocavoFleet can help reduce fuel costs.  

Fuel reporting can be analyzed daily, weekly, or monthly, on the portal; or exported.

Fleet gps tracking & fleet fuel management

“Telematics for connected fleets also increase operational efficiency, hence has a less environmental impact. It reduces the vehicle's travel to the site by 68%, which lowers fuel consumption and emissions and minimizes carbon footprint.”

Fleet gps tracking & fleet utilization


One of the most effective ways to control fuel costs is to get a handle on excessive idling and other unwanted driver behaviors.  With autocavoFleet, you can easily see idling duration for your entire fleet, a specific vehicle or even by driver. 

Set up alerts and notifications for harsh driving, speeding and harsh braking. Use autocavoFleet’s driver behavior report to encourage safe and efficient driving through gamification, see more here.


“Healthy” vehicles maintained at optimal performance help reduce fuel consumption. autocavoFleet makes this easy with real-time diagnostic alerts and maintenance management, see more here.

Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform


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Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform