Driver Performance

Improve fleet safety and driver performance.

Fleet gps tracking & driver leaderboard

Driver performance impacts fuel economy, fleet utilization and ultimately the quality of the services you provide. 

Use autocavo’s fleet management solution, autocavoFleet, to monitor key performance metrics. Identify risky driving and promote driver safety while improving your overall fleet operations and driver accountability.

Driver Behavior

Speeding, harsh driving & idling

Know when your drivers are speeding with information on the posted speed limit and actual vehicle speed. Other driving behaviors which have a negative impact on your fleet include vehicle idling and harsh driving which can be closely monitored with reports and alerts available on autocavoFleet. View more information on reports & alerts.

Driver safety & accountability

You can quickly assess the driving behaviors of your drivers to determine if they are safely operating fleet vehicles. 

Fleet gps tracking & speeding summary
Fleet gps tracking & driver scorecard

The Leaderboard

Who is taking the best care of your fleet?

View metrics on how your vehicles are being driven by individual drivers including metrics for speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking and their overall driver score.

By coupling the scorecard with an internal driver safety program, you can potentially lower your insurance premiums, reduce vehicle maintenance and extend the life of your fleet.

It’s also a great way to reward your safest drivers and identify those that may need a little coaching. 

autocavoFleet helps you monitor:

Harsh driving events

Minimize speeding & harsh braking, encourage safe & efficient driving.

Fuel use

View fuel use per trip or per selected period for a specific driver. Improved driver behavior leads to lower fuel costs.


Monitor the number of stops a driver takes..

Idle time

Monitor the total engine idle time.

Time spent on task

Set vehicle boundaries & alerts to easily monitor time spent in a defined location.

Real time location

Know where your drivers are to help optimize dispatching and improve customer service.


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