Fleet Management Dashboards

Your Fleet - at a glance

Fleet gps tracking & vehicles snapshot

Get a bird's-eye view of your fleet’s performance with the dashboard view or an overview of a specific vehicle with the vehicle snapshot view.

Dashboard Forecast Fleet Needs

Quickly see real-time information on your fleet. Want to locate an asset, check fuel usage and keep up on what needs to be maintained based on your vehicle’s mileage?

With a simple yet efficient view, gain control of fleet management metrics that matter most to you and your business.

Fleet gps tracking & fleet forecast
Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform


Know exactly what assets are where.  Are they stopped or delayed? Are they reporting the information you need to know like location or use? Your Dashboard keeps you up to date, so you can feel confident about your fleet health.

Fleet Maintenance

Using your vehicle’s make, model and odometer, along with the service recommendations, you get the information you need to know about upcoming preventative maintenance so you are able to keep your fleet regularly serviced and help ensure top performance.

Preventative maintenance and vehicle fault codes help keep you aware of what needs to be done to keep your fleet performing at an optimal level.

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Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform
Fleet gps tracking & fleet utilization

Fleet Utilization

See the total miles driven each day for each vehicle,  as well as individual and overall averages to help you see how the vehicle is being used.  

Fleet Fuel

Track fuel usage by vehicle or in aggregate to help you better manage and control your fleet fuel costs.

View more about fuel management.

Fleet gps tracking & fuel management
Fleet gps tracking & devices


Manage, add and remove devices with an easy-to-use interface, that not only tells you how many devices are active, but how many are still pending registration, as well as those that may not be at all, which prevents you from gaining all the information you need to know.


The vehicle snapshot is the tool that lets you see everything you need to know about a vehicle, on one screen.  From here you can see if the vehicle is in motion or stopped, who’s driving it, when the last service was, current fuel economy & fuel consumption, check if there are any active engine faults and view vehicle engine run time. 

From here, you can also run more than a dozen reports, including trip reports, maintenance, fuel, stops, idling, frequent locations, vehicle health, service entries and get a summary of all notifications.  

Fleet gps tracking & vehicle snapshot

Service Entries

autocavoFleet makes it easy to keep track of your fleet’s service history. Simply set a service interval for any of 24 items and autocavoFleet will remind you when to get that service done.

View more about custom notifications & alerts.

Frequent Locations

Where are your vehicles spending most of their time? What are their most frequent destinations? autocavoFleet makes it easy to find out.

View more about our Geofences and Maps & Tracking Features.


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Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform