Fleet Management

Your fleet, at your fingertips

Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform

Are you getting the most out of your fleet for your business? Ever wondered if you could do more?

autocavoFleet is designed to work with any sized fleet, in any industry.  From a single vehicle to thousands, we provide an easy, affordable, and reliable fleet management solution, at prices that are upfront, easy to understand, and within reach of small businesses and large companies alike. 

Vehicle management for any size fleet

autocavoFleet brings big fleet capability to any size fleet, with visibility, control and actionable insights for maintenance, vehicle health and driver behavior. Our fleet tracking solution is designed to scale and grow with your expanding business needs.

Fleet gps tracking & trip summary
Fleet gps tracking & fleet utilization

Maximize Fleet Utilization

Keep your fleet’s utilization running at 100%, with minimal downtime.  autocavoFleet tells you exactly what is going on with your fleet, and gives you the actionable data you need to help make the decisions that will keep it performing at an optimal level.

With a click of a button you get information on hours of use, fuel economy, fuel consumption, fuel cost, excessive idling, distance driven, maintenance status, time in trip and much more.

With autocavoFleet, you can:

View vehicles and assets on a map in real-time

See vehicle activity, route history and driver locations

Receive alerts on driver behaviors

Manage maintenance and receive check engine notifications

Monitor vehicle utilization to make sure your fleet is running optimally

View trip reports to determine if the drivers are taking the best route and are not making excessive stops

Set geofences to stay on top of where your vehicles are and when they are being used

Monitor fuel consumption

Receive detailed information about MPG and hours of runtime


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Fleet gps tracking & vehicle maintenance monitoring platform