3G Sunset, if you haven’t upgraded your devices now is the time

What is the 3G Sunset?

By the end of 2022 major wireless network carriers in the USA will be shutting down their 3G services, this is referred to as the “3G Sunset”. 3G devices based on this network technology will stop working to make room for newer and faster technologies such as 4G LTE and 5G. 

See the current timeline for the 3G phase-out announced by U.S. carriers:

  • T-Mobile (Sprint): January 2022 3G(CDMA network) They will also retire all LTE networks in June 2022
  • AT&T: February 2022
  • T-Mobile: July 2022
  • Verizon: December 2022


If you haven’t replaced your 3G devices yet, now is the time to switch to newer technologies. autocavo offers GPS devices that work on 4G/5G CAT M1 cellular networks. The autocavo F2 device powers the autocavoFleet platform. The tracker plugs into the OBD port and collects vehicle, sensor, and driver data.

Why choose autocavo?
  • Plug and play devices make installation simple and fast. No waiting on technician availability, simply install the device to the OBD port in your vehicle and drive.
  • There are no wires to connect, no antennas to worry about – everything is self-contained and ready-to-go.
  • Affordable pricing makes autocavo’s products and services  accessible to all sized businesses
  • A user-friendly platform that includes features such as real-time tracking, historical reports, fuel management, DTC codes and maintenance management, geofencing, customizable notifications, and much more.


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